Water Heater Installation and Repair in Pickerington, Canal Winchester and Reynoldsburg, Ohio

A water heater is a vital item in every household since it provides the method of warming water for that household’s use. Because a water heater is a major contributor to the household budget in every family, the expense of running a water heater is also a financial consideration for every home owner, particularly when installing a new one.

Tank Vs. Tank less Water Heaters in Pickerington and Reynoldsburg, Ohio

There are two types of water heaters available today: tank water heaters and tank less ones. Tank water heaters are the more traditionally known of the two. These water heaters are built around a large holding tank which is filled with water kept continually hot, whether it is being used or not. The energy that is used to keep the unused water continually hot is called “standby heat loss’ and it is one of the main reasons that many people have changed to tank less water heaters.

Tank less hot water heaters don’t hold large amounts of water, instead they heat water as it is needed through the use of powerful heat exchangers. They are also known as “on demand” hot water heaters for this reason.

Because of the energy savings associated with the tank less variety of water heater, when installing a new water heater, the economics of these two have become a serious consideration for the homeowner. In general, a traditional tank hot water heater will consume more energy because of the standby heat loss. Because of this many homeowners have changed to the more efficient tank less water heaters.

There are, however, other things that the average homeowner might need to take into consideration when purchasing. For example, if the situation where hot water is needed is one with limited use, like a vacation home or at a business, a tank less hot water heater might be a much more economical choice. For the average home owner, however, the decision can be more confusing and difficult.

The primary difference in use for the homeowner in the two types of water heater involves demand. The amount of hot water in a tank hot water heater is limited to the volume of the tank. For this reason, the main consideration when purchasing a new tank hot water heater is the number of gallons it holds. The number of gallons in the tank should actually be based on use, such as the number of family members that will be using it or the volume of water involved in specific regular usages. In a tank less hot water heater these are irrelevant, since the amount of hot water that can be provided is virtually endless.

There are other considerations for the homeowner deciding which to install as well. Tank less hot water heaters are more expensive to install, in fact, in some cases nearly twice as expensive. Since they are fairly new on the American market they also can have a limited range of service personnel available to service a specific brand. This may also increase the cost of maintenance.

Every house is different as is every family. What I’ve done here is give you a reasonable approach to estimating your savings. If you have questions about my assumptions, calculations or this article in general, you can respond to Larry@LRFMaintenance.com. You can also visit our website LRFMaintenance.com.