Water Heater, Garbage Disposal & Sump Pump Services in Pickerington, Canal Winchester and Reynoldsburg, Ohio

LRF Maintenance offer 24 hour emergency plumbing repair to our expertise plumbing services. We specialize in servicing all makes and models of water heaters and garbage disposals. We also offer our expert sump pump services.

 Water Heater Installation and Repair in Pickerington, Canal Winchester and Reynoldsburg, Ohio

A water heater is a vital item in every household since it provides the method of warming water for that household’s use. Because a water heater is a major contributor to the household budget in every family, the expense of running a water heater is also a financial consideration for every home owner, particularly when installing a new one.

Sump Pump installation and repair services in Pickerington, Canal Winchester and Reynoldsburg ,Ohio

Home sump pumps are a critical component of systems designed to prevent water accumulation in a basement or other below ground level structure. Ideally, the pump removes water from the area before it reaches the floor level and can cause possible damage. Selecting the proper pump and installing it correctly is crucial to success in preventing water from accumulating in the basement.

Sump pumps of any design are commonly installed in a sump hole. This hole through the basement floor is often in a corner or in the utility room of the lower level. To be effective, the pump must be below the level of the basement floor. This allows the pump to draw the water down and away from the basement space.

Connect pipes or hoses to the outlet of the pump. Extend the hoses outside the home to any drainage area. This can include the storm sewer of a street of a drainage ditch. Some communities include special storm drain piping in the alley or along the street for sump pump discharge. Many customers also ask us which is a better fit for them between a standard vs. battery backup sump pump. Rest assured we will pair your needs with the correct sump pump!

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