What to look for in a HVAC contractor in Pickerington, Canal Winchester and Reynoldsburg Ohio


Licenses and Certification

It is important to find out if the potential HVAC contractor one is deciding upon has the proper licenses. This may vary by state, so make sure to check the requirements for one’s particular state. Hiring a certified, licensed contractor can help protect against scams. Make sure to have a few licensed contractors from which to choose. Options are important.

Insurance and Bonds

A good HVAC contractor needs to have proper insurance. Do not hire one without insurance. Workman’s Compensation and Liability insurance are both a must. A bond is also important for an HVAC contractor to have.

Preparation is Important

Before hiring an HVAC contractor, make sure to have maintenance history and other information available for them. Know what problems need to be addressed and what rooms aren’t being properly cooled, etc. Different contractors may specialize in different HVAC areas. Make sure to choose someone who has experience doing the specific job that needs to be performed.

Home Inspection

Be prepared for a thorough home inspection by the HVAC contractor in order to properly assess the heating and cooling needs of the residence. A home inspection needs to be done because insulation, home size, and other factors determine the size and type of system needed.

Getting Bids

Get a bid from each potential contractor and look over the proposals carefully. Some bids may have a higher cost but could save a lot of money in the long run because of energy efficiency.  Review efficiency rating and compare pricing. Consider the pay back interval and warranties.

Have Everything in Ink

The HVAC contractor needs to write everything down so one can avoid being cheated or having problems down the line. Everything needs to be accounted for and written down. Warranties, work schedules, and the specific cost should be included among other things.

With the proper knowledge, hiring a local HVAC contractor doesn’t have to be a difficult process. With a licensed contractor who has good REFERENCES, REFERRALS, and the proper insurance and experience, you can feel safe and reassured that LRF Maintenance will exceed your expectations. We welcome you to read our reviews.