How much will I save with a higher efficiency furnace and air conditioner save you in Canal Winchester, Pickerington and Reynoldsburg Ohio?

That’s a hard question to answer without more information. It depends on the cost of your gas and electric. It also depends on how warm you want to be in the winter and how cool you want it in the summer. We recommend 68’ in the winter and 74’ in the summer. Those temperatures will save you money no matter what system you have or chose for a new one!

Back to the question. Let’s assume you want it to be 72’ year around. Based on the typical temperatures in Canal Winchester, Ohio and the average cost of fuel in Canal Winchester, Ohio, here is what to expect in fuel cost per year. This assumes you have 1800 SQ FT two story house with a basement, the house is tight with reasonable insulation. Keep in mind that by adding insulation and tightening air infiltration you will always save money. So all things equal here is my best estimate.

Cost of air conditioning (electric) per year (Heat Pump or AC):
13 SEER = ~$577/YR
14 SEER = ~$536/YR
16 SEER = ~$469/YR
18 SEER = ~$417/YR

One note, just because a system says it is 16 SEER doesn’t mean you will get that kind of efficiency.\
It depends on the air flow across the indoor coil, duct size and pressure, etc. Also if you are buying a new system ask LRF Maintenance, your local Canal Winchester Dealer to show you the ARHI specifications on the system being considered. It will give you an apples to apples comparison between competing dealers or systems.

So the yearly savings here $160 from the top to the bottom. Let assume the system will last 20 years so at today’s prices the 20 year savings is $3200. In round numbers you will save about $30/40 per year for every SEER you move up. My experience says it will take you about 5 to 7 years to amortize your investment. One other factor to consider is a high efficiency system installed by LRF Maintenance will operate much more quietly! All equipment installed by LRF Maintenance in Canal Winchester, Ohio comes with a 10 year parts warranty and an 18 month service warranty.

Let’s move on to furnaces. We have 80% and 95%+ furnaces. Also the use of a variable speed ECM motor combined with multi stage equipment may not significantly improve the efficiency of the furnace, but it will improve the air flow in the house as well as reduce mechanical noise. The point here, is the better equipment provides more than just monetary efficiency, it improves the comfort of your home. Keep this in mind when choosing a system.

Cost of furnace fuel (natural gas) per year:
80% Furnace = ~$1100
95% Furnace = ~$930

Here the savings is ~$170 a year. Again, my experience says it will 5 to 7 years, at today’s fuel cost, to amortize this upgrade, depending on which 95% furnace you buy.

So my answer to the original question, ”How much will I save with a higher efficiency furnace and air conditioner in Canal Winchester, Ohio?” is over the life of the equipment, 20 years, you will save the total installed cost of the new system. The equipment will pay for itself over its life! In addition, you will have less failures and the system will provide a more comfortable home environment. The addition of special filters and humidification can also improve health and may reduce your overall health costs.

Every house is different as is every family. What I’ve done here is give you a reasonable approach to estimating your savings. If you have questions about my assumptions, calculations or this article in general, you can respond to You can also visit our website