FAQ HVAC Questions and Answers

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How long should my HVAC system last?

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems require regular maintenance in order to work efficiently, but even then most components of these systems only last 15 to 25 years.

Furnaces on average last 15-20 years, heat pumps 15 years, and air conditioning units 15-20 years.

The most critical thing is don’t throw good money after bad. If your system is older don’t put a lot of money into a single repair. You may sped several hundred dollars on a repair just to turn around and have to do it again in a few months on the same system with a different failure. Consider if your system is approaching 15 years or more; you will want to weigh all options before repairing it.


 Is there a benefit to continually running the blower?

There are a number of benefits to constantly using a blower. The blower helps keep the air cleaner, the life of the motor may be extended and the air temperature will be more consistent. Remember if you run your blower continually you will have to change the filter more often.


Is there a time frame to have maintenance performed on my system?

Nearly every manufacturer recommends a service check on an annual basis. The cost of regular maintenance is much less expensive than replacing or repairing a broken system. However, our rule of thumb is have it checked every other year and you will be fine. For those that feel better having it done every year we can provide you with a yearly service contract.


How can I combat hot rooms upstairs?

Most homes have under sized return air ducting. This problem really can’t be fixed without major re-construction!  A remedial fix is to run the blower constantly. Hot air rises resulting in hotter air temperatures upstairs. The blower will constantly circulate the air through the house. This constant air movement will lower the overall temperature.

There are other options if rooms are being unevenly heated or cooled. Have a maintenance check performed to see if ducts are leaking. If there is leaking duct work, it will result in higher bills and uncomfortable spaces. Also some houses can be balanced if inline dampers were installed when the house was built. If leaking ducts are not an issue, add an attic fan to move the heat outdoors. Consider adding insulation in the attic. A more expensive fix is to install a zoned heating and air conditioner system. A zoned system provides consistently even temperatures in every room, plus the ability to turn off the system in entire areas.

What is the best thermostat setting?

Most people discover that having the thermostat set between 70 and 72 degrees is ideal. If the thermostat is set to 75 or more in the summer and 65 or less in the winter months, energy bills will be dramatically lowered.