LRF Maintenance apply craftsmanship to your home air conditioning unit maintenance in Pickerington, Reynoldsburg, and Canal Winchester, Ohio

Air conditioners serve as great comfort and good dehumidifier during the hot, sticky summer months throughout the nation. Whether one has central air, a window unit or a geothermal heat, spring maintenance is a necessity. These top five reasons will prove that regular spring maintenance before using the air conditioner unit will increase overall comfort and cost savings for homeowners.

Of course, a well-maintained air conditioner will provide high levels of comfort. That is why LRF Maintenance can not only maintenance your air conditioner, but we now offer annual HVAC agreements.

First, effective lubrication of the motor and the rest of the system will result in less noise, especially when the unit is cooling off between cycles. Second, homeowners will notice that their air is cleaner and has less dust and allergens in it when they have spring maintenance. One of the easiest ways to decrease allergens is by changing the air filter. In addition, vents and ducts can be vacuumed out professionally. Third, the air conditioner system will be able to cool and dehumidify the home more effectively when it has been regularly maintained. The evaporator and condenser coils as well as the blower components should be cleaned. In addition, the level of refrigerant in the system should be checked and adjusted if necessary and the drain should flow adequately.

In addition, well-maintained air conditioners save homeowners money over the long-term. The fourth reason to choose spring maintenance is that the unit will be more energy efficient. This will result in lower electrical bills throughout the summer. In fact, a clean and well-lubricated air conditioner can save up to 15 percent on monthly cooling bills. Fifth, air conditioners that are cared for well will last for many years. They are not as apt to break down in the middle of the summer when individuals need the cool air the most. Instead, professionals can check for problems in the spring and repair any issues before they become costly issues. These units can be quite expensive to replace; therefore, individuals should protect them with careful cleaning, lubrication and inspection.

Some homeowners believe that they can save money by choosing to forego regular spring maintenance of their air conditioner units. However, infrequent or incomplete maintenance can cost more over time with increased electricity costs and a shorter lifespan for the unit. In fact, simple repairs now can prevent more costly repairs in the future.

Every house is different as is every family. What I’ve done here is give you a reasonable approach to estimating your savings. If you have questions about my assumptions, calculations or this article in general, you can respond to You can also visit our website