Professional Air Conditioning Repair And Maintenance in Pickerington and Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Many homeowners in Pickerington and Reynoldsburg Ohio are unaware of what air conditioning (AC) maintenance and repair entails. Regular maintenance on an AC unit will allow the system to run at its optimal performance level. Preventive maintenance will find small problems and allow them to be repaired before the entire AC unit breaks down. An AC unit needs a maintenance check-up before the warm season begins.


Do It Yourself Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips:
Homeowners are able to perform a number of maintenance on their own. It is essential for a homeowner to call a professional AC service company for anything out of their realm of capabilities.


The Outdoor Unit:
The unit sitting outside must be clear of debris. Remove any sticks or trash from around the AC unit. Trim grass and remove any bushes growing too close to the system. An AC unit needs to be able to suck in air to cool the home. If items are blocking the unit, it will be required to work harder to effectively cool a home. Spray off the outdoor condenser two or three times over the summer. Turn off the power and use a garden hose to spray the dirt off the outdoor coils. This will prolong the life of your air conditioner and will also save on the power bills!

Air Filters:
The air filter must be changed at the start of every season. A dirty air filter will create large energy bills and cause the AC unit to run less efficiently. A dirty filter has the potential of causing the unit to freeze up resulting in costly repairs or a possible replacement of the entire unit.

Do A Test Run:
In the early spring, turn the air conditioner on. Let it run for approximately one hour. If the AC unit has any issues, they will likely show up on the test run. The benefit of a test run allows homeowners to be able to rectify any problems immediately. Service technicians will have increased availability in the spring before everyone is turning on their system for the first time.

Thermostat Check:
Check the thermostat to make certain it is set to cool. Many people neglect to change their thermostat from heating to cooling.

Professional Service Technicians Maintenance and Repair:
There are a number of maintenance and repair issues only certified technicians are capable of performing on an AC unit.

Check For and Repair Leaks:
A technician will check for and repair any leaks in the system. Leaks will require an AC unit to work harder, be less efficient and cost more to run. A professional service technician will find and repair any leaks.

Coil Damage:
Coils are an integral component of every AC unit. They need to be inspected and replaced by a professional service technician.

Refrigerant Levels:
A service technician will inspect the units refrigeration levels to ensure there is adequate refrigerant in the system. Insufficient refrigerant  will cause an AC unit to work harder resulting in higher energy bills and insufficiently cooled rooms. Homeowner’s are unable to perform this maintenance repair on their own.

Seasonal maintenance and repair will ensure the air conditioning unit will work at peak performance during the summer. Before the start of every warm season, homeowner’s must perform these basic maintenance steps or call a qualified technician to guarantee a properly working air conditioner.