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How to research a good heating and cooling contractor in Pickerington Ohio?

One would think you could just call the Better Business Bureau or look on Angie’s list. But each business has to pay a fee to belong to either of these organizations. A good example is here in Pickerington we have a well know HVAC Company that is rated A+ the same as LRF Maintenance, however this company has had numerous complaints reported. But because they negotiated a settlement with the customer the complaint was registered but then closed. It’s like taking a test getting 60% then retaking it and getting a 100%. Does that really deserve an A+ rating? Angie’s list isn’t any better and may be worse. It’s all about the money spent with each organization. We belong to the BBB because many people want to see the credentials. To be fair to both organizations they do provide a forum to hear a customer’s complaints or issues. If you have a problem they will help put pressure on the supplier to get it resolved. But they don’t provide much upfront filtering of business ethics or quality. The A+ rating is like the sleeves out of a vest. I’ve found that social media provides a much better initial indicator. Use social media to pick the contractor and the BBB just in case things go south.

At LRF Maintenance we strive to get our clients to rate us. Google is our social media of choice. Look us up on our Google Plus Page. We have a number of excellent testimonials and have a 5.0 rating, the best Goggle has to offer. To give you an idea of how hard it is to get a rating from a client, good or bad;  it has taken us the best part of 5 years to get 30+ ratings. Now I think we have gotten more than that, but Google seems to pick and choose what they put up. I think they have an algorithm that tries to softly weed out any one trying to game the system and in the process takes some out that should be posted. Nothing is perfect, but before you spend your hard earned money on any product or service, check out social media first. Compare two or three vendors and ask each a few questions about price, service and what’s included. If a company is telling you they will do a $29.00 service call then they plan to get into your pocket another way. Just think about it; what is a fair price to pay for a company to send a $20/$40 an hour technician, in a $40,000 truck, loaded with several thousand dollars’ worth of tools and parts, to your house? I can assure you it is much more than $29.00. We charge $79 and that includes 30 minutes of diagnostic work and/or repair. Since I’ve posted this I’ve found local companies reducing their service calls to $59 or $69 to compete with us. We charge the same to everyone and its $79 and a very good value. One last thing, our competition provides warranties of 30 days at the low end to 1 year at the high end, we provide an 18 month warranty on all parts and labor.

This was written by Larry Ferris – Member – LRF Maintenance, llc. Questions or comments can be sent to larry@lrfmaintenance.com and you will get a response!