Why LRF Maintenance is the Top Heating & Cooling Company in the city of Pickerington, Ohio?

When you are looking for a heating and cooling contractor, experience matters. LRF Maintenance has provided professional HVAC services to home and business owners in Pickerington, Canal Winchester and Reynoldsburg since 1974. Whether you need a routine tune-up or emergency service in the middle of the night, you can depend on LRF Maintenance.

As a reputable heating and cooling contractor, we are happy to provide you with several professional references to help you make your choice. Our regular office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday, and 8:00 a.m. until noon on Saturday and Sunday. A member of our staff is always on call to respond to heating and cooling emergencies.

We Are Bonded and Insured

When you are researching heating and cooling providers, make sure that the company you choose is fully insured and that its employees are bonded. This ensures that you are protected financially if a worker accidentally damages your HVAC equipment or another area of your home. You also need to make sure that the company carries adequate workers’ compensation insurance for its technicians in the event that one of them is hurt on your property.

Our Technicians Are Highly Qualified

Before we hire a new service technician, we make sure that he or she has completed a post-secondary education program and has the proper credentials to serve you. Since we understand that safety is a major concern for most customers, we complete an extensive background check on all new hires. We want you to feel confident about allowing him or her access to your property.

We Encourage Energy Efficiency

Some heating and cooling contractors only complete the job at hand without educating you about how to lower your expenses. At LRF Maintenance, we check your entire home or business and let you know how you can become more energy efficient. Some of these suggestions may include changing your furnace or air conditioner filter frequently, scheduling an annual tune-up for each piece of equipment, caulking and weather-stripping your doors or windows and keeping your thermostat at an optimal setting. We always tailor our advice to your specific situation.

Free Estimates

We are happy to provide you with a free estimate for your heating and cooling needs. You may contact us by phone or email during regular business hours.

Can I save money by closing off registers in unused rooms?

Can I save money by closing off registers in unused rooms?

It’s not that simple. Closing off registers may in fact increase your fuel bill and at the same time shorten the life of your furnace and air conditioner. Here’s the rub, an HVAC system is designed to condition a certain volume of air. If you close off registers you restrict the amount of air that can travel through your system. What happens is the furnace and air conditioner produce more heat or in the summer remove more heat than the furnace or air conditioner can handle with reduced air flow. Air flow is measures in CFM (cubic feet per minute). A 2 ton system generally will require 800 CFM to operate as designed. If you close off one register you may be fine, but if you cut all of them back you may reduce the air flow causing the air conditioner coil to freeze up or the furnace to short cycle. Both of these things are very bad for both your fuel bill and the health of your system. For example if you furnace short cycles it put undue heat on the heat exchanger and could cause it to crack or otherwise fail. More noticeable is the increase in your fuel cost. Short cycling means you are heating the furnace area very hot but the heat isn’t getting distributed to the rest of the house including the thermostat which will turn it off. It’s like having a dirty filter, another cause of reduced air flow. A properly installed HVAC system will have volume dampers on each run off the main truck line. They should be balanced to provide conditioned air to each room based on the size of the room. If you want to remove rooms form the system you need to have an automatic damper system (zoning) installed with a bypass damper or other means of reducing the furnace output when some zones are closed. The idea of zoning is to be able to heat or cool different rooms in your house at different temperatures. So if you want to close off a room and turn the temperature way down, you can do it efficiently without worry of damaging your system. In addition you will save energy using this method. Zoning in residential homes is becoming more and more popular. Newer furnaces have modulating gas valves and variable speed blower motors allowing the ability of the home owner to change the capacity of the HVAC system on the fly. With new technology thermostats, damper motors and damper controls it is very affordable to add zoning to the typical house. If you have questions about zoning, how it works, what it cost or if it’s the right choice for you contact LRF Maintenance, LLC in Pickerington, OH or send me email Larry@lrfmaintenance.com and I will get right back to you.

This was written by Larry Ferris from LRF Maintenance, LLC, Pickerington, Ohio comments concerning the content here can be directed to him, Larry@lrfmaintenance.com.